Gonotontro mukti paak

Posted in politics by jrahman on November 10, 2007

In March 1982, the army overthrew a democratically elected government in Bangladesh.  The military junta cited rampant corruption and a breakdown in governance as the reasons for the intervention.  The army chief went on to assume the presidency through farcical elections. 

The general’s rule, however, did not go unchallenged.  There were frequent strikes and agitations.  One such took place on 10 November 1987.  On that day, a political activist named Nur Hossain had the words ‘gonotontro mukti paak’ (roughly translated as ‘give back democracy’) on his back. 


Nur Hossain was killed by the security forces shortly after this photo was taken.  See here for details:

Democracy is once again suspended in Bangladesh. 

Shaheed Nur Hossain epitomises the sacrifice and struggle of Bangladesh’s fight for democracy.  And the fight for democracy is being waged by the brave people of Pakistan, and Burma, and in other benighted places. 

November 10 is the 20th anniversary of Nur Hossain’s sacrifice. 

To paraphrase a champion of freedom, Nur Hossain’s sacrifice shall not be in vein, we shall restore democracy, and the government by, of and for the people shall triumph in Bangladesh and Pakistan and everywhere else.


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