War: what it is good for?

Posted in politics by jrahman on November 11, 2008

Why does anyone commemorate the Armistice Day?  The cessation of the ‘war to end all wars’ wasn’t followed by a new dawn, not even a mottled dawn.  In the West it brought economic upheavals that led to the Depression.  It brought fascism.   In the Middle East the peace ended all peace – they are still fighting the wars of Ottoman succession in Gaza and Baghdad.  Further East, it brought communism.  So why commemorate this non-event?

Well, it is an appropriate day to honour the veterans.  After all, are most of the veterans not the poor and the dispossesed, or the simpletons who buy the line about the God and the Flag?  What better day then to commemorate the lot whose is to simply obey and die than the non-end of a pointless conflict? 

More importantly, it is a day to remind everyone that wars are pointless.  It is a day to remind everyone that wars don’t have winners or losers, they have survivors.  And those who start wars are seldom better off for it.

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  1. abuusa said, on November 14, 2008 at 9:17 am

    I believe, war is the result of some kind of fight between God and Satans. God, perhaps, lets Satans loose for sometime; purposefully gets Himself underdogged by the Satans; and the outcome is the war. I can’t fathom what is the gaming of God through wars, maybe some lessons are laid there for us! Allahu Alam (God knows!).

    When God first desired to create humans, he called the Angels and said,” Inne Jaaeloon Fil Ardey Khalifa: I want to send down humans on the earth as my ambassadors/representatives” Then the Angels vehemently opposed the idea of God and said, ” Aataj Aaloona Feeha Maan Yuufsudu feeha Waa Yeasfeequ Demaaya Waa Nahnu Nusabbehu Behamdeeka Waa Anuqaadusulaka: Are you sending humans on earth; they will engage in fighting and bloodshed there; and while we do remember you, praise you and …” Then God fulfilled his desire, created humans and told all the Angels to prostrate to Adam. So did all of the angels except Iblis and he was cursed but his power of making wars between people was not snatched away. So we see wars, the handiwork of devils.

    The best way to get away of Satans is to trying to know about ourselves. What are humans and why they are created for. Maan Aaraf Nafsahu Aaraf Rabbahu: who knows himself knows God. If we can remind us and think we, everybody are sent down to the earth as the Ambassadors of God we can get inspired to achieve the best of God’s attributes and we can turn ourselves to Humans from Animans [Half Animal and Half Human].

    By the way, God doesn’t wants us completely libertine and forget Him. He wants from us LOVE and LOYALTY to Him and limited liberty and to each others amongst ourselves. Unrestrained liberty contravenes his desire of love an loyalty.

    So called territorial independence, sovereignty, nationalism, patriotism are the magic spells or wands of Satans. In those so called pure chaste and loving words the seeds of wars are latent. People wage wars to get their own liberated land or to protect it from their percieved enemies. So I say, Loving Land is Sin and Loving People is Virtue.

    I wish, I could erase these devilish magic nuke words from dictionaries and the books and let them be for gotten forever! Then probably world can be free of wars.I do fully espouse the view of Jyoti that war is pointless and it really doesn’t yeild any victory but some war-veterans.

    My world-view of war is “The winning of war is a kind of illusion. The war is not like a game or sports. In the game, there are winners and losers and even the virtual losers are also rewarded there; the fact is, losers are less rewarded than the winners. But contrarily, in the war there is no winners. The so called winners and losers, both are losers; and only difference between the two is, the winners lose less the losers do. The war game should never be played unless it’s imposed by the reckless enemy. Doctrine of pre-emption is the doctrine of delusion and destruction”


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