What did 1/11 achieve?

Posted in politics by jrahman on November 27, 2008

When in Dhaka, I like to go out for a walk at least once a day — to the tea stall for a cigarette, for a shave, or my favourite, to the local bazaar to witness the invisible hand in action. It’s during such a walk couple of mornings after the coup when I saw the visible hand of the regime. I was in a kacha bazaar in Jasimuddin Road in Uttara when an army platoon arrived and told the vendors to pack up within an hour. A chaos ensued. After the hour was over, with mechanical efficiency, the jawans demolished the thriving market — an illegal establishment — in minutes.

I walked to Jasimuddin Road the other evening and saw the bazaar fully restored.

That bazaar is real, but it can also serve as a symbol of everything else this regime has tried to do. What did 1/11 achieve?

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