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Posted in society by jrahman on November 29, 2008

While in Dhaka, I’ll try to write up a weekly wrap of some random thoughts that pop up between my ears. Hope you enjoy them. I cannot stress enough that what follows is not based on anything other than my subjective opinion.

1. Traffic has gotten much worse. Yes, yes, I know I sound like every other NRB. Well, what can I say? I think Radio Today’s Dhakar chaka should simply say normal is a jam, and there is no jam in xxxx. Plus, there are far too many ads and not enough music in radio.

2. That said, ads here are bloody good. I hate cellphones, but Bangla Link has this ad where a girl says boddo tomake miss korchi, sim ta please on koro, and even I feel like getting a phone.

3. There is a lot of tala chabi vendors in Uttara.  This place is becoming more and more like Dhanmondi — too many schools. Actually, there are lots of madrassahs around here: English and Arabic medium ones, there is even one called International Cadet Madrassah, I wonder what one learns there.

4. There is also a marked rise in the number of burqa-clad women — wrote about it last year here, nothing new to add. Speaking of women, the Lux shundoris look a lot prettier without their make ups. Plus, the beauty parlours charge an absolute fortune.

5. There is a discernable improvement in the pollution situation.  The number of black smoke emitting vehicles has fallen markedly.  I walked around Farm Gate today without getting my nose clogged — this was unimaginable 5 years ago.  One can actually see the blue sky these days.  And the improvement is noticeable outside Dhaka too.  Hoorah for Nazmul Huda and Shahjahan Siraj.

6. Speaking of BNP ministers, my highly unscientific survey based on conversations with CNG and cab drivers and eavesdropping of conversations in bus stops and tea stalls suggest that BNP is in for a rough ride this election.

7. If Ershad becomes the president again, will the Army Stadium be renamed?  And since when did Monaem Khan become a martyr?  I guess with Jamaat committed to the Liberation War, we’ll soon here about brave freedom fighter Nizami.  And since when did the cantonment begin from Bijoy Sarani?  I have a distinct memory of walking to Shaheen School on a hartal day nearly a quarter century ago.

As the girl in Radio Today would say bondhura, aaj ekhanei shesh.

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