What happens now (BNP edition)?

Posted in politics by jrahman on December 31, 2008

Mrs Zia has said the election results are not acceptable (grohonjoggo noi). Is that a non-rejection rejection? What can she actually do? I don’t think JI wants to go for an andolon. More than anything else, they seek legitimacy. Andolon denies them that. I’m sure BNP stalwarts — the biggest losers — will want a defiant stance, they are not in parliament, so why should they care what happens there? But these bigwigs had never led an andolon themselves. Where are the people who were in the forefront of anti-Ershad movement? Are they going to lead a street movement? Based on what? If she doesn’t join the parliament, then it seems to me that Mrs Zia runs the risk of becoming like Maolana Bhasani — a popular leader with no party or platform.

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