United in grief, united in seeking justice

Posted in activism by jrahman on February 28, 2009


Asif writes in UV:

Never thought we have to revisit mass grave in independent Bangladesh. But yet mass graves, cold blooded murder of innocent army officers, civilians, families, elderly couple, pregnant women are revisiting us. We mourn our loss. We offer silent prayers in solidarity with the families and their loved ones. There is no word to describe how we feel. 

With the help from a lot of people in Dhaka, UV ran live updates of the crisis as it unfolded.  For those of us involved in that effort, emotions went from ‘what’s going on’ and ‘who’s in charge’ to ‘how could this happen’ to a sense of numbness as the full extent of what happened started becoming clear. 

There will be a lot of time for analysis, and this blog (and allies) promise to do our part.  But today we mourn.  Today we believe: … ঐ দিন কারোর প্রতি অন্যায় করা হবে না, আর প্রতিফল হবে ঠিক তার যা তুমি করেছ …  (The Quran, 36:54).


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