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A weekly feature, linking seven trashes collected by the senses and dumped on to the brain.  Some of these may end up being a post someday.

Parentonomics: An Economist Dad Looks at Parenting

Parentonomics: an economist dad looks at parenting

Gentlemen prefer blondes

Bangladesh and Pakistan: Flirting with Failure in South Asia by William B Milam

Is World War II still ‘the good war’? — Adam Kirch discusses in the New York Times.  I still think it is.  And while at it, let me also note I disapprove of Subhas Bose’s Indian National Army. 

There is a saying in Bangla — 18 lashes if the tiger touches you, but if the Awami intellectual brigade is after you then it’s 18,000 lashes.  Okay, there is no such saying.  But here is an expose of Awami hit job on Dr Yunus.  I am positively surprised that Sachal allowed this piece.

Syed Fattahul Alam provides a good overview of the left movement in post-1971 Bangladesh.  Lot of what happened, not so much why.  Mental note: must write about this someday.

Sherlock Holmes is definitely an extraordinary man, like Bruce Wayne.  But not superhero.

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