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A weekly feature, linking seven trashes collected by the senses and dumped on to the brain.  Some of these may end up being a post someday.

Bangladesh and Pakistan: Flirting with Failure in South Asia — William B Milam

A Wednesday


A man in full — Tom Wolfe


– Amartya Sen on the quality of life in India and China.  Interesting reference about Bangladesh too.  Definitely worthy of further writing.  Also, mental note — how does lifetime utility of the representative Indian and Chinese compare under a standard neoclassical utility function?

– Jeffrey Goldberg on why the Palestinians have time on their side.  There will be only one state, though not sure who will live in it. 

– Roula Khalaf on difference between the regular army and elite units loyal to the regime when it comes to suppressing popular uprising.  Hmmm…  perhaps it’s time recreate the Rakkhi Bahini?

– Obed Galor discusses what set off demographic transition, and settles on human capital.  Oh, watch out for his top grad student


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