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Seven trashes collected by the senses.


– Fried chicken will never be the same again (hat tip: DS).

– A brief history of macroeconomic theory — Krugman at his best. 

For all my brothers (hat tip: RK)

The Bengali man is given to sentimental romance but he’s not exactly a man of action. It’s impossible to imagine this ponderous species astride a horse riding to sweep you away. What you can expect is a lot of poetry, especially Tagore’s.

 – When will the revolution come here?

IMF economists praising Islamic banking — yes, there will be a post or two on this.

– In the context of the Egyptian uprising, Talal Asad talks about secularism, imperialism, and us-and-them — no, there won’t be a post on this, but I am sympathetic to Asad’s views.

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