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Seven trashes collected by the senses.

This is being debated over dinner tonight (hat tip: Chitpotang).

Bose debated at Harvard.  I really like comment  86 and the discussions that followed.  I said something similar here.  And it’s great to see that excitable people at Sachal are not harping on about Naeem ‘neoliberal’ Mohaiemen anymore. 

– Solidarity with these Pakistani brothers.

– Benefits of economic growth: it reduces communal riot in India and help the Dalits.  And it seems Dr Ambedkar was somewhat of a ‘neoliberal’.  This requires further investigation.

– This was disappointing — the reasons will be explained at a post.

– Argentina is red hot, which ain’t good.  Note to self: find out about Bangladesh.

Grammar is very important, always and about everything.

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