Random thoughts after watching Fire in Babylon

Posted in movies, sports by jrahman on November 16, 2011

1. Which is cooler?

I guess the underlying political and cultural themes make certain teams / athletes lot cooler.  I don’t think a documentary on the Australian cricket team under Steve Waugh, or John McEnroe, or Agassi vs Sampras, would be as cool. What about the World Cup victories by India or Pakistan? 

Perhaps one could make a sports documentary about cricket replacing football as the top sport in Bangladesh over the past generation? 

2. West Indies dominated the game because of their four-pronged pace attack.  Of course they had fabuous batsmen too.  But it was the bowlers that made that team so great.  And every other team tried to bowl like the WIndies.  And failed.  Bouncers are terrifying when coming at 140 km an hour from a six feet four.  At 120 kmph from a five feet eight, they can be easily hooked for four.  

Australia dominated game under Waugh (and for a while under Ricky Ponting) through their aggressive batting.  Of course they had great bowlers too.  But it was the batsmen who decimated the opposition.  And others tried to bat like them, and failed.  Australia batted for three or four runs an over for two days.  Others tried that, and got bowled out in two sessions. 

Which one was better for the game? 

What will happen next?

England seems to be the team to beat.  South Africa is good too.  Australia, while much weaker, still can beat any team on a given day.  As can India.  But no one is actually making a breakthrough innovation in how the game is played. 

Does it matter?

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  1. Fugstar said, on November 17, 2011 at 7:19 pm

    I really want to see this film.
    Shame that the scumperialists regulated the windies out of the game with the one bouncer an over ‘law’

    for similar reasons, i think, the pak vs england series in 87 was important for me.
    but decolonially, i think we need to move on from this.

    In the Pluriversal Republic of Fugstarnagar cricket wont be promoted over sports like hadu dudu

    • jrahman said, on November 21, 2011 at 10:01 am

      I like the sound of ‘pluriversalism’. But brother Fug, I am not sure if some of our furry friends will be as openminded. :p

  2. dhakashohor said, on November 26, 2011 at 4:19 pm

    They screened it for one day at an indie theatre here. Couldn’t make it. Was thinking of getting it off amazon.

    Long-held dream: to watch a test match between WI and Aus in Barbados.

    • jrahman said, on November 28, 2011 at 8:09 am

      Considering that both teams are a shadow of their former selves, it might even be a competitive match!

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