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Seven trashes collected by the senses.

– The title says Dawkins ‘tears her’.  But I thought Dipu Moni did alright.  (Hat tip: Diganta S).

Pirates of Chittagong.

This is Bangladesh.  And I like it.  (Hat tip: UR).

– They are printing money.  This was, of course, predicted.  Even Khandaker Ibrahim Khaled admits that the Bangladesh Bank has a poor governor.  Too bad he didn’t speak up 30 months ago.

Don’t do it!

(Hat tip for the video: NM)

– Remember all the hoopla about DST?  For the record, I thought it was a good idea.  Anyhoo, turns out Samoans have even more fun.  In fact, when it comes to time, good ol’ US of A is also knee deep in socialism!

– This was strangely better than what I expected, but don’t expect a post on it.


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