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Seven trashes collected by the senses.

– This was a big, big disappointment.  Yes, there will be a post.  For now, yet another proof that Bollywood can’t do epics.


– Krugman is a left-wing Friedman, just not as successful.

American Deshis buy Indian spices.  Unpatriotic?  Regular commenter Diganta gets the issue. 

– In Egypt, the ‘Islamists’ aren’t necessarily ‘winning’, and wouldn’t necessarily be a bad idea if they did.  I hope the ‘liberals’ are paying attention.

Dismal loving.  No, really. 

– How long before the Piltdown Man is in a theatre near you?

– Anything we can do, they can do better — even trouble in the hills.

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  1. উদয়ন said, on March 2, 2012 at 2:04 pm

    Stepping out of the vehicle, she started taking pictures on her iPad. “Why don’t you build cottages here? This is such a beautiful place. Many people can come and stay here,” Mamata told the tourism secretary. “I have taken some pictures. I will send them to you.

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