Sympathy for the devil

Posted in Freedom of speech, music, Rights by jrahman on March 19, 2012

An econ/pol sci undergrad goes to a party he finds boring and flips through a Bulgakov novel — happened to me and here I am all these years later, happens to Mick Jagger and not only do we have one of the greatest songs ever, but also what I believe would have been a better title for Rushdie’s book. 

And I am with Rushdie on this — Pakistan has sufferred enough, and doesn’t need Imran Khan.

No, I don’t wish to debate this. Enjoy the music instead.


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  1. kgazi said, on March 19, 2012 at 11:53 am

    Seen this Rushdie video before, I think he made a joke of himself. Rushdie is crying sour grapes cos he was dumped by Imran, who didnt want himself to be seen standing next to Rushdie.

    I would be with Rushdie on this one if he had the guts to make constructive comments in repairing a nation like Pakistan, instead of clowning the personalities who care. Pakistan needs Imran more than they need Rushdie.

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