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Posted in activism, blogging by jrahman on April 17, 2012

A number of things have happened in the past few months that would be worthy of Naeem Mustafa and Col Rumi.  But I haven’t posted about rumbles in the cantonment, gruesome double murders, or about corruption scandals forcing ministerial resignations.  And a few readers have asked why.

The answer is two-fold.  First, thanks to the vagaries of time zones, “real life” commitments, and software issues, I am usually pretty late to these stories myself.  This rules out ‘breaking’ any news. 

However, I could analyse some of these events, and their consequences.  And that’s where the second factor comes in.  I don’t think my analysis of current events are particularly good.  This is particularly true of matters political.  For example, I have little to say about the fallout of the Suranjit saga that one can’t get from many other sources. 

Of course, I may have little of interest to say about border killing or minority persecution — and that hasn’t stopped me from posting about them.  But then again, on both issues, the posts came when I felt like writng about them. 

So, the news junkies are very likely to be disappointed with this blog.  But there is, potentially, some good news for them.  Some new bloggers, and a few old hands, have started what could be a very exciting site.  (Some of my pieces will be cross-posted there time-to-time).

The founders of Alal-o-Dulal prefer to be low key for now.  I hope their wish doesn’t come true, and the blog becomes a huge hit.

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