Childhood’s end

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I have very fond memories of reading the Misir Ali novel Devi as a junior high student in the late 1980s.  Well, I should say I had.  I remember being, let’s say unsettled, reading it then.  I re-read it recently, and found it to be totally dull.

Now, it’s completely unfathomable to me why some things — Sheikh Mujib’s role in history, or Argentina vs Brazil in football — generate such strong reactions among Bangladeshis.  Humayun Ahmed falls in that category.  And I have no opinion on him.  But I was disappointed by Devi recently, which on re-reading turns out be rather boring, with Misir Ali not being a particularly memorable character.

As it happens, that book isn’t the only paranormal work of fiction that I have/had fond memories of.  A few years after first reading Devi, I watched The X-Files for the first time.  I think it was early 1994.  I hadn’t started university yet, and came home from addabazi  quite late one night.  Everyone at home had gone to sleep, and I wasn’t sleepy.  I switched on the TV, and saw couple of FBI agents investing some weird stuff in an Arctic scientific facility.  I was hooked.

I think that show jumped the shark in 1998, when the movie came out.  But the few years before were must-see-TV.  Those were also the early years of the internet (at least for me), and I recall many an online discussion about how Mulder and Scully should evolve (if you must know, I was a strong “noromo”).

Should I watch those old episodes again?

The movie I do want to watch again is 2001: A space odyssey — not just because of the Dark Side of the Moon.  Basically, I want to watch this without the influence of any intoxicant.

The alien contact in the X-Files was malevolent.  In 2001, it was, I think, benign.  I doesn’t seem to be benign in the new Ridley Scott movie?

Hmm, a super-intelligent alien race trying to mess around with the evolution of life in earth — this is the stuff of classic science fiction.  Perhaps I should blog a bit more on this.


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