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(Content may offend religious sensitivities).

The Qurbani Eid never seemed the real thing to me.  Fasting or not, it’s undeniable that Ramadan has an impact on the life of anyone remotely associated with Muslims.  So there is a month-long build up to the Eid.  That doesn’t happen with Qurbani.  And I am not into slaughtering and gluttony anyway.

And yet, sitting alone in a hotel room thousands of miles from friends and family, I find myself missing Qurbani.  Hence this post.

I guess I should begin with this — it’s gone viral in facebook, translations here.

Rumi bhai’s facebook status, and my comment, also warrant a mention:

Qurbani of cow = Red meat = higher chances of stroke, heart disease, cancer = earlier death = Qurbani of self
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Hmm, if that’s not shaking you out of that fat-induced stupor, here’s Hitch (hat tip: FG).

Okay, that’s enough that serious stuff.  Qurbani is, of course, one of the greatest to come out of Bollywood ever.  Should it be remade?  I doubt anyone will be able to play Inspector Amjad Khan better than the late Amjad Khan, but Sanjay Dutt can do the role in his own style.  Abhishek Bachchan can do a pretty solid Amar, and Hrithik Roshan can easily pull off Rajesh.  Bollywood doesn’t have any villain to match the late Amrish Puri, but Rakka-Jwaala-Vikram aren’t larger-than-life roles like Mogambo.  So I don’t think that would be a problem.  I just don’t see anyone as hot as Zeenat Aman.  Do you?

Well, it’s baat ban jaye for you, and if not, then hamba mobarok.





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