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So Barack Obama has been re-elected as the Emperor of the World President of the United States.  Cool.  I guess I should do a post, just to mark the occasion. 

The thing is, until very late in the game, I couldn’t get excited about this election.  You see, until the first debate, betting markets consistently had Obama as the odds on favourite.  And on most issues, I agree with the president’s politics.  So what was there to get excited about?  It’s not like any of this would ever happen. 

Then, for a while after the first debate, it looked like things could shake up a bit.  Except it didn’t.  By mid-October, the betting market had gone back to portraying Obama as the favourite.  And yesterday, the votes reflected the punters’ expectations.

But imagine if Obama had a better first debate?  Would that have led to a landslide?  Imagine if Michelle Obama had cut the president’s tie?

Don’t know what I am talking about?  Watch this:

More fictious POTUS are here.  They don’t, of course, have Dan Brown’s president, because his Deception Point hasn’t been made into a movie.  Unlike the Langdon novels, this has no religious/historical mumbo jumbo.  The ‘political drama’ is worse than laughable.  However, reading it during another presidential election several years ago, I did think one could do a pretty cool novel based on the central conceit.  Suppose there is an idealistic president who is lagging behind in the polls against an unscrupulous opponent with populist right wing views — this could very easily have been Obama.  However, behind the headlines, suppose the idealistic incumbent was actually a ruthless, machiavellian political operative — again, could easily be Obama. 

This could actually make a brilliant political thriller.

And what if the idealistic ‘change agent’ is actually a very flawed individual?  Why, then you have this:

Which leads me to the fact that the last second term POTUS who wasn’t embroiled in serious muck was in the 1950s.  So, the question is, what scandal awaits Barack Hussein Obama?


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