Seven trashes collected by the senses.  Well, bonus holiday edition of 20 trashes.

 – Pakistan — not a boring place.  Also, this, thisthis, and this.

These apply to Bangladesh too, though probably not this, at least not yet.  And hopefully, never this

Chinese democracy?  Minus-too many to count in India?

Sympathy for the police (and mark the sympathiser — some day he may well have an opportunity to change things).

– The coming sea battle (and the last one). 

Africa growing, though not in the way the white man thought

– Rushdie: finished, but sill right.

Tech war 2013.


Lonely China

Turkey and its neighbours


– America at war, always

– India and America — it’s complicated

– Loved the Taxi Driver rip off with the noir song, but hated the ending.

– Why the left failed in Bangladesh.  (I really should write on this). 

New York, once upon a time.

– Tyler Cowen eats

– Monetary economics of the Roman Empire (hat tip: Dhaka Shohor).

– Shanghai!  (Oh, loved the movie).




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