Obituary: Adil Fakieh (Minister of Saudisation and Slavery)

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Satire from Saudi Arabia by Mullah Anonymous 

It is with regret to announce the sudden death of the Yemeni origin Saudi Minister of Labour Mr. Adel Fakieh. His death was a result a Road Traffic Accident . He was being driven by a Bangali chauffeur whose work permit profession was documented as baker. The car was of German origin while the colliding vehicle was Japanese whose driver is of Sudani origin . Mr. Adel was dressed in the finest robes at the time made of silk from Iran and stitched by the tailors from Pakistan. Emergency services move his obese body from the accident site to the Indian owned Saudi German Hospital. Attempts by professional Filpino and Egyptian medical staff (who were very busy training certain idiotic Saudi graduates of Bedouin origins on the importance of oxygen to the human brain), were unsuccessful. All the work permits of the medical staff were in order, except the radiologist from India was discovered to have a fake degree.

Mr. Fakieh was recently target of assassination attempts by certain chamber of commerce members of Balochi origin over the imposition of the SR 2,400 fees on expat staff.

Mr. Fakieh is survived by his poultry farm and few cows/goats. His wife was of Lebanese origin who left him after introduction of 2,400 riyal fees for her own residence permit. She took the white kids along with her.

His other business interests include a private education institute in partnership with directors of certain governmental organizations. This establishment is run by an expatriate friend of his in contravention of the labour laws as the expatriate already has a day job under a different sponsor.

The gentleman doing the insurance appraisal of the car damage is from India –while the charges will be settled between the British insurance company and Brazilian chicken of Mr. Fakieh. The only Saudis involved in the whole process were the half asleep traffic police and ambulance staff who were effectively of Yemeni or Sudani origin.

His funeral will take place after Asr prayer in the Bani Malek Mosque next to the house where fake work permits and insurance certificates are printed. The Moazzin of the mosque is Pushtun gentleman from Peshawar while the Imam is from Bangladesh whose profession on work permit is ‘gardener’. The coffin cloth is made from special material from Italy. The grave diggers are Sindhi expats with Saudi wives but do not have permanent status in Saudi Arabia.

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