Seven trashes collected by the senses.

– I still don’t get it, but it is visually stunning.  Is this the future?


– After Plassey

– The Ummah: science, Paris, boring, caste-ridden.  

– Everything is fixed.  Also this

College  (hat tip: NM). 

Macro history.

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  1. Diganta said, on February 1, 2013 at 5:23 am

    Plassey discussions – we never look at our institutional failures, sad! Clive represented just one British company … Mohanlal probably dies in the battle and not because of poisoning.
    The Ummah: science – science grows quite fast among the elites but fails miserable to the mass. This has happened over and over for hundreds of years. Let’s see whether Middle East becomes an exception.
    Macro history – Wow!

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