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  1. Bangladeshi Ranger said, on November 15, 2013 at 7:55 am

    ❝The real trade problem we have with India is that the Indian market is closed to our products, including cultural products such as books or TV channels. And this problem reflects Indian politics more than anything else.❞

    Can anyone elaborate what this means in real terms? Because I never understood it.

    Does this mean that Bangladeshi TV stations will not get licences to air their programmes in India under any circumstances? Suppose Bangladesh had a very popular [domestically] home-made serial. Would this be completely restricted from being shown in India?

    Silly follow-up question ‣ what about other countries? Would the same serial be blocked from being shown in say, Thailand? I guess what I’m asking here is ➜ is this relationship unique to India [with respect to Bangladesh], or does it exist with other countries too?

    Any info or pointers would be appreciated.

    ❖ I guess I’m having difficulty understanding what the exact “barrier” is with respect to media/cultural items.

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