Politics in the Star Wars

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No, not the politics of the Star Wars saga — been there, done that in what seems to be a long time ago….. (oh, the Daily Star archives don’t work! — note to self: must do something about old articles.  No, not the politics of the star wars, but politics in the star wars, to be precise, in the upcoming trilogy.

A few weeks ago, there was a debate about whether the new movies should dabble in politics.  I think I should note my thoughts about this very important matter.

I would be particularly interested to see how the new Republic establishes itself, how is a constitution framed, what do they do with the Empire’s worst, what do they do with the Empire’s minions and functionaries, how is the victorious rebel soldiers demilitarised and rehabilitated into the civilian life.  You can see why these questions would fascinate a Bangladeshi movie and politics buff!

But I don’t want the new trilogy to cover this stuff.  To quote Drezner: J.J. Abrams has a very poor track record when he concentrates on anything other thanlens flares action-packed space opera.  It’s hard to get politics right in an action movie.  Think about Avatar, for example.

Of course, it’s possible to do politics in blockbusters.  Planet of the Apes did it.  And the best blockbuster of our time — the Dark Knight Trilogy — did grapple with some grand political philosophy, and did that very successfully — I say that not just because I like its political stance… okay, this deserves its own post.

But hey, let’s get real here, against those movies, how many other solid gold dhishum dhishum blow-em up what bam blockbusters have we seen?  So, I side with Drezner and co — leave the politics out Mr Abrams.

That’s not to say there is no way to explore the politics of the New Republic.  RomeDeadwoodWest WingThe Wire, not to mention the Game of Thrones — it’s not just about the sex and dragons, you know — we live in the golden age of political philosophy on TV!  The GoT in fact grapples with the same philosophical question that I would like to see answered in the New Republic — how do you turn victory into governance?  So far, the Baratheons, Starkes and Lannisters have all failed to answer that question.  Might Luke and Leia do better?

So, how about it then, a Star Wars politics focussed TV series?  Come on, you know you want it!


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