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Posted in Freedom of speech, Rights by jrahman on July 7, 2015

Not Ingrid, nor Ingmar, but David — the nefarious Zionist Islamist enemy of our Holy Spirit of Liberation.  In a just and fair country, he would be lauded for his effort.  In a normal country, he would be ignored by everyone except for a few academic type.  In Bangladesh, well, sigh…..

Justice for the victims of 1971, a trial of the perpetrators of some of the worst atrocities in history — yes, that would be nice.  Back in 2008-09, when I associated with a group of talented and idealistic people in a now-defunct blog, I thought a trial of at least some of the perpetrators would be achievable.  After all, we were in the process of doing so for the murderers of August 1975.

Of course, this trial process would be intensely political.  How could it not?  People being tried were politicians.  Their actions in 1971 were, at least partly, motivated by politics.  Politicians who ruled Bangladesh for most of the three decades after 1975 benefitted from their association with those being tried.  Now another group of politicians benefit from a trial that was at the least political, if not politicised.  Fine.  I could live with that.  It’s part of coming to terms with our history.

Or so I thought, when I believed that the judiciary had at least some modicum of integrity.  I guess by 2010, Chief Justice Khairul Haque made me question a lot of things.

Fine.  I decided not to spend any more energy on it.  Some of my more idealistic friends had found the mistrial a bit harder to accept.  Others wanted to explore, primarily for academic purposes, what was going on.  In private conversations, I advised them that their energy might be better spent on other battles, leaving this one go straight to the keeper.

I do not resile from such advice.  Even before Shahbag, anyone documenting what was going on might have been branded, and faced considerable difficulty.  I did not wish to see my friends suffer.

But I was glad that David Bergman took on the task.  Some day, when our society and polity is a bit more stable and mature, his work will prove of value — so I thought.

And I thought my erstwhile colleagues at the now-defunct blog would feel the same way.  Maybe they would not defend Bergman publicly — after all, everyone has their bills to pay, businesses to run, careers to pursue.  But I thought at least privately they would tell Bergman ‘hey man, sorry for your trouble’.

I was wrong.  Turns out some of those people I associated with in that now-defunct blog were far less idealistic than I gave them credit for.

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  1. Sujin said, on July 10, 2015 at 6:26 pm

    Oh yeah? Bergman is nothing but a jamati funded propaganda machine specifically and strategically placed to run PR campaign for the heinous war criminals. Your blatant support for the jamatis are getting well documented and this proves at least one thing- “lanja is impossible to hide”.

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