Tin Kanya

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According to google, Bangla movie Tin Kanya refers to either the 1961 Ray adaptation of Tagore or the 2012 risque Rituparna starrer.  The 1986 Bangladeshi film starring Suchanda, Babita and Champa is completely ignored.  That’s a shame, because it deserves to have a cult following, if Dhallywood had cult following that is.

Three siblings get separated at early age when the baddies hit the daddy, one grows up to be a cop, another is an urban petty boss, and the third is a photographer…. yes, there is more than a shade of Amar Akbar Anthony here — hey, one of the kids is raised a Christian, a notable exception for mainstream Bangladesh of the time.  But this is no Bollywood apeing.

I mean, just look at the poster.


If that sort of stirs a deeply hidden memory from your childhood, if you are old enough that is, consider the story: the daddy was an honest, patriotic policeman himself; Bobby the gunda — that’s Babita in the red — ends up helping undercover agent Sohel Rana, who is working with Champa the cop on a tip from the investigative journalist Suchanda (oh, the three are real life sisters, you might remember); and the baddy is a smuggler of, wait-for-it, antiquities….  see, far less Bollywood than this:


Okay, Babita and Rana are oldish (and she is decidedly chubby), but the movie has everything from catchy songs to expensive cars being blown up.  I was going to ask you to watch it, but that’s going to be hard to do given it’s not available online.

Yes, a shame.


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