Recipe — goat rezala

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There appears to be a lot of variation in how people make rezala.  Mine is definitely not authentic as I tend to improvise a lot while cooking this, which these days is regrettably rare.  Back in the day, however, this had never failed.  Go ahead, give it a shot.

Have a leg cut up in curry pieces.

Mix in a large pot: couple of medium sized onions grated; two tablespoons of ground ginger; three teaspoons of ground garlic; five whole cardamoms; five one-inch sticks of cinnamon; 250 gram of Greek yogurt; one tablespoon sugar; three teaspoons of salt; and ghee depending on your health risk appetite. I used to grind / grate myself, and use whole garam masala, but no reason why readymade paste / powder couldn’t be used.

Add the meat to the mix, and stir.  Cover the pot.  Cook on low flame for half an hour or so, or until the moisture evaporates.  Stir once a while if you need to.

Then add no more than 250ml of water (you could use full cream milk), depending on how much and thick gravy you want.

Add up to 25 green chilies — they could be deseeded, or sliced, or whole, depending on your appetite for heat.  Red chillies can also be used.

Cover and continue cooking in low flame until the meat is tender — should take no more than half an hour.











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