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We are dreaming of Spring here in the antipodes, and thus it’s an appropriate time to make prediction about the Game, by which I of course mean that of Thrones.  Hopefully this is not going to be the last post on the subject.  I am going to stick to the show, not the underlying books, though everyone knows that the printed and screen forms of the story are supposed to culminate at the same end.  I am sure what I have to say has already been written with volumes of analysis, links and graphics — I’ll eschew anything like that.  I trust the interested reader to look up.  This is a self-indulgent post to see how wrong I am in two years.

As the current occupant of the Iron Throne, it’s appropriate to begin with Cersei Lannister.  It’s hard to see how she can stay that way for long.  Questions are: how will the demise come about, and what further havoc will she wrought?  Paralleling his earlier life, when he slayed the Mad King as the rebels approached King’s Landing, Jaime Lannister will kill his twin/lover as Daenerys Targaryen appears victorious.  Brienne of Tarth will have something to do with this answer to the first question.  As for the second one, an unholy alliance with the megalomaniacal Euron Greyjoy may well have something to do with it, it being something along the line of the collapsing of the Wall and a White Walker invasion.

We will return to the North, and the war to save humanity.  For now let me note the two ‘side duels’ that fascinate fans: Cleganebowl can only end with both brothers dying; but the one between the perfidious Littlefinger and the shadowy Varys — the whole series can be thought of as a proxy war between the two, and a treatise on political philosophy they represent (hopefully more on this some day) — that’s a bit trickier.  Littlefinger may well be dealt with by Arya.  But Varys?

He appears to be on the winning side in the looming War of the Queens — the Mother of Dragon has amassed quite a force, and with Varys and Tyrion Lannister to counsel, advice she adheres to, it’s hard to see how she can lose.  And yet, it’s Game of Thrones, where just when you seem to be winning, you die a ghastly death.  How does Danny lose?

She could turn insane like her father — her instinct, after all, is to burn anyone crossing her path.  Her neocon ‘freedom agenda’ in Meereen had more than an echo of the invasion of Iraq.  She plans to ‘break the wheel’, end history so to speak.  Revolutions tend to end poorly — that may well be George RR Martin’s ultimate message.  And Danny as a tragic villain maybe the way to show this.

Maybe.  Alternatively, or in addition, her failure to take the impending doom from the North seriously — the whole series is after all a cautionary tale about the dangers of climate change — might doom her reign.

Of course, winter won’t last forever — the last book is titled Dreams of Spring after all.  Easy to see Jon Snow/Stark/Targaryen sacrificing himself, with the help of Sam Tarly and Bram Stark, to stop the White Walkers — whether he becomes the Night’s King or a tree or a new Wall, that’s just details.

Sorry kids, this means no Danny-Jon happily ever after.

So, who’s left?  Why, Tyrion Lannister/Targaryen and Sansa Stark — remember, they were legitimately married.  It’s a song of ice and fire, after all.

Hmm, I said no links.  I lied.  Enjoy.





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