In the fragrant harbour….

Posted in fantasy, holiday by jrahman on September 26, 2012

… one feels like 1970s kung fu mixed with futuristic dystopia…..

The fragrant harbour is like Blade Runner, where …


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Things to do in Bangladesh

Posted in holiday, society by jrahman on January 6, 2008

Many of us working in the West look forward to a trip to Bangladesh at the end of the year.  December to February is a very popular time to visit Dhaka for most of us.  For many students, particularly from North America, May to August is another popular time for a home trip.  Whenever it is, most such trips are consumed by visiting family and friends.  And quite understandably so: some elderly relative had passed away and condolences need to be paid; friends, cousins, siblings get married; couple whose wedding was attended last time has kids now and there are birthday parties.  Then, if it happens to be the time for Eid or other festivals, then there are accompanying obligations.  And some need to venture out of Dhaka for such obligations.  Beyond these commitments, we want to have some time for shopping.  Whether it is clothes, music and movies, or books, we want to spend some time at the city’s new malls and old markets.  If we are so inclined, we may want to catch a play at Baily Road, or go out to the Fantasy Kingdom or Baldah Garden, or visit the Shaheed Minar and Boi Mela if it is February. 

Dear reader, these probably take up most of your very limited time in Bangladesh.  But if you have more time, let me suggest a few activities, in no particular order.