Things I’ll look out for

Posted in communalism, elections, India, institutions, politics, Rights, War crimes by jrahman on January 5, 2011

A funny thing has been happening lately.  Opinion editors in Deshi English media, print and electronic, have been approaching me for political pieces.  I suggest an economic or policy piece, they respond ‘yeah, that’s good, but how about (whatever is the headline that week)’.  Beats me why this is — it’s not like I have a good track record of predicting Deshi politics.  In fact, I am not at all qualified or knowledgeable to commentate on day-to-day politics of Bangladesh.  Further, I don’t live in Bangladesh, and have a very dim view of pundits who claim to know Bangladesh better living in London than people back home.

But I have my opinions.  And while I am extremely reluctant to publish them in formal media, I can jot them down in my blog.  In fact, I should record them in the blog, so that you, dear reader, can hold me to account.  However, please note that none of these are predictions.  Nor do I necessarily support or oppose them.  They are all trends or events to look out for in 2011 and beyond.  Some of them will be good, some not so good, and some pretty awful.  But these are the things I’ll keep my eyes on.