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I wrote about television waybackwhen, and tried to read philosophy even earlier.  Considering vision and philosophy translate similarly in Bangla, it’s only natural that I would pick up Everything I Know I Learned from TV: philosophy for the unrepentant couch potato at first sight.  And I read it in on weekend nearly a decade ago.

Anyone who likes to watch TV and read books should get this little gem.  Let me just note the shows and ideas covered.


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Politics in the Star Wars

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No, not the politics of the Star Wars saga — been there, done that in what seems to be a long time ago….. (oh, the Daily Star archives don’t work! — note to self: must do something about old articles.  No, not the politics of the star wars, but politics in the star wars, to be precise, in the upcoming trilogy.

A few weeks ago, there was a debate about whether the new movies should dabble in politics.  I think I should note my thoughts about this very important matter.


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Corruption in America

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I was going to write this post in October, as part of the fifth anniversary of the blog.  But ‘real life’ got in the way.  This piece by Shubinoy Mustofi on fire in a garments factory killing over a hundred workers reminded me about the subject, so here we are.

Corruption is our biggest problem.  If not for corruption (or corrupt politicians/bureaucrats/businessmen/army officers), we would be a rich country.  — How often have you heard statements like this?  I often here things like this from Bangladeshis living in rich countries of the west, which is quite ironic because of the history of corruption in these countries.

Let’s take America, for example, which, Martin Scorsese tells us, was born in the streets.