The 2020 outlook

Posted in economics, macro by jrahman on November 8, 2019

When trying to get back to the habit of writing, it is useful to start with something that is in one’s comfort zone.  That, for me, is obviously the economy, except it has been years that I have seriously read or paid attention to the Bangladesh economy.  I guess doing a post on the macroeconomic state of play months out from the new decade is a good excuse to read up on the subject.

Back when I used to think about this stuff more regularly, 7-8 per cent growth was considered outlandish.  In its October World Economic Outlook, the IMF forecasts Bangladesh’s economy to grow by over 7 per cent a year on the back of remittance inflows into the next decade, coming off recent high of 8 per cent.  Inflation is expected to be around the Bangladesh Bank’s target of 5½, and strong export growth is expected to underpin a sustainable current account deficit.


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Economic outlook — Autumn 2011

Posted in economics by jrahman on November 2, 2011

In the past few weeks, the IMF, the ADB and the World Bank have released their latest outlook for the Bangladesh economy — major risks notwithstanding, the economy is expected to grow steadily in 2011-12. 

Details over the fold.


Good outlook, but…

Posted in economics by jrahman on November 26, 2010

That’s how the latest issue of the World Bank’s Bangladesh Economic Update reads.  The 16 page document is a pretty good report — I highly recommend it to anyone interested.  I am going to highlight: the economic conditions and outlook; the costs of recently agreed privately generated power; and the commentary on reforms. 

The report also covers inflation, but I’ll explore that in a separate post.