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Seven trashes collected by the senses.


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World Cup (4)

Posted in economics, sports by jrahman on July 2, 2010

The World Cup is entering its final stages, so it’s time wrap up this series of (re)posts.  The first post was about the political economy of football, and the second one about the difficulty in quantitative analysis of the game.  The third post noted that, contrary to expectations, and unlike American sports, football is dominated by a few big teams, whether at club or international level. 

So, what gives?  Answer over the fold, with some more political economy.


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World Cup (3)

Posted in sports by jrahman on June 26, 2010

World Cup is about to get into the knockout phase.  Time to do some more reposting (first two instalments are here and here).

Last time I noted that football is unpredictable.  As a result, upsets can happen all the time.  Hence we shouldn’t be surprised that both the finalists from 2006 are already out.  Similarly, in 2002, the defending champions failed to score a single goal even.

This unpredictably, together with the fact that so many more countries play it than rugby, cricket or hockey, would suggest that many more teams will be successful at the World Cup football than in other sports.  For example, there are less than a dozen countries (at most, being charitable to some weaker teams) that make the pool of potential winners in cricket.  This is also the case in rugby and hockey.

And yet, the pool of finalists, no matter what the sport is, is actually quite small.  No more than half a dozen country has made it to the final of any world cup in my life time.


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World Cup (2)

Posted in sports by jrahman on June 17, 2010

The World Cup is about to start its second week.  All teams have played at least one match.  Time to re-post some old stuff.  (First installment here).

With only 28 goals in 17 matches — an average of 1.65 per match, far lower than the previous record low of 2.21 in 1990 — goals are few and far between thus far in this World Cup.  Given the low scores, will bad decisions have particularly large impacts in this World Cup? 

More generally, given low scores, do bad decisions affect football more than other sports? 

For the same reason, football may yield results that seemingly appear contrary to the run of the play — a side playing much ‘better’ seem to lose by a single goal from the other side.  Does this sort of thing appear to be more common in football than in other sports? 


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World Cup

Posted in society, sports by jrahman on June 11, 2010

The World Cup begins tonight.  I have vague memories of the 1982 World Cup, but the 1986 one was the first one I have full recollection of.  And that was the best cup ever.  Or more likely that I remember it to be the best Cup ever because of my age.  And I have a feeling that I am not the only one.  After 1986, the 1990s Cups were not quite as exciting.  But 2002 was great.  And in 2006, I did a bunch of posts — those were simpler, more carefree times as far as writing was concerned. 

Over the fold, and in next few weeks, I reproduce/update some of those posts.  Enjoy.


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