The Zia synthesis: foreign policy

Posted in China, foreign policy, India, West Asia by jrahman on June 26, 2012

Updated: 28 June 0950 BDT (the original post was incomplete).

Last May, I started a series on my understanding of the politics of synthesis initiated by Ziaur Rahman.  The first installment was on politics and governance, while the second one was on society and economy.  My main contention is that when things work in Bangladesh, they work along the path set by Zia, and they work because the politics of synthesis crafted by this military strongman turned popular politician had continued from the work of his predecessors, and his successors saw the merit in keeping them.

This theme of continuity is nowhere more present than in the realm of foreign relations.  And yet, the political needs of the present era has resulted in deliberate obfuscation of Zia’s foreign policy by both his political heirs in the Bangladesh Nationalist Party and their opponents in the Awami League.