On the garment sector’s woes

Posted in development, economic history, economics, institutions, labour, trade by jrahman on December 18, 2012

The scene of hundred something young men women locked in while fire and smoke start choking them. This is horror and sadness.  When I hear factory mid management started locking the gates after fire alarm goes off — I get angry.  Then when I hear the prime minister immediately puting the blame, without any investigation, on Jamaat-Shibir — I become speechless in disbelief. 

A friend wrote to me thus after the fire at Tazreen garment that killed over a hundred workers on 25 November.  It was followed by a lot of emotional facebook status updates, blog posts, newspaper op eds, and shouting heads in TV. 

Well, it’s now official — it was ‘sabotage’.  So that’s that, eh?  Well, not quite.  The official recommends taking legal actions against factory owner and nine mid-level managers for gross negligence that contributed to the tragedy.  Is there anything more to be said?  What about another facebook status update about ‘evil capitalism’?

Over the fold are some thoughts I haven’t seen/heard expressed.  And I promise, there is no infantile, emotional outbursts about ‘greedy killers’. 


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