Ideas that went nowhere…..

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….. because life got in the way.

Okay, that’s a bit melodramatic.  Let’s start again.  It used to be the case that to have a professional career as an economist in America, you needed a PhD.  That’s changing a lot.  There’s a general glut of PhDs.  And organisations such as the IMF are now more interested in people with practical experiences than half a decade or more of often impractical academic training.  In any case, outside America, PhDs were always for those who wanted to pursue an academic career.  So, other than the vanity of being addressed as Dr Rahman, I’ve never really seen much return from doing a PhD.

And yet, every now and then, I think about the ideas over the fold and wonder what might have been.



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Seven trashes collected by the senses.


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What does the Fund say?

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At school, macroeconomics is all about fancy arse mathsy jazz.  But at work, it’s really about telling stories with charts.  And no one does it better than the IMF.  So, what stories are they telling us for their billion?

Over the fold are some tid bits from the Fund’s assessment of Bangladesh’s economy that accompanied the loan agreement.


On the Fund’s billion

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The IMF’s Extended Credit Facility (ECF) “provides financial assistance to countries with protracted balance of payments problems. It’s the Fund’s “main tool for providing medium-term support to (Low Income Countries) LICs, with higher levels of access to financial resources, more concessional financing terms, more flexible program design features, as well as streamlined and more focused conditionality”.  The facility was created as part of the IMF reforms of the past few years.  The reader can find out more here.

Recently, Bangladesh became the recipient of around $1 billion under the ECF — the largest program under the facility in its short story.  What’s the loan for?  Should we care?


Economic outlook — Autumn 2011

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In the past few weeks, the IMF, the ADB and the World Bank have released their latest outlook for the Bangladesh economy — major risks notwithstanding, the economy is expected to grow steadily in 2011-12. 

Details over the fold.


Bangladesh’s economic outlook into 2011

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The Finance Minister met econojournalists in Dhaka yesterday

He admitted that inflation is on the rise: The apprehension over inflation persists. I spoke to the agriculture minister and the food minister in this regard. I hope we’ll succeed in containing it.  At least he accepted the reality, instead of blaming the anti-liberation forces (aka BNP) for it. 

Well, to be sure, he did have a conspiracy theory of his own.  He bizzarely claimed that the recent report titled State of the World Population 2010  by the UN Population Fund is ‘unauthorised meddling’ by ‘evil quarters’.  Someone should remind the Finance Minister that believe it or not, international agencies don’t need his permission to write annual reports.

He also claimed that new transit fees imposed from this fiscal year for Indian vessels using Bangladeshi rivers follow international practices, contradicting Dr Mashiur Rahman, the Prime Minister’s economic advisor.  I look forward to the Minister convincing his boss so that the fees can be collected.

He also claimed that we are likely to be experiencing an investment recovery this year, implying that the economy is on track to meet the government’s forecasts for 2010-11.  And we can be cautiously optimistic that he will be right.