Of cheats and phonies

Posted in sports by jrahman on August 3, 2012

When a Chinese girl smashed records previously held by American blokes, typical reaction was one of incredulity.  And that’s the polite way of putting it.  The blunt way was — she was on steroids.

In the event, no doping has been found.  But so what if she was, indeed, on some drugs?  Teenage swimmers, not just in China, and indeed not just swimmers, spend years, from their childhood, in intense training.  For all purposes, they have nothing like what one could call a ‘normal’ childhood and upbringing.  Would steroids have done that much more damage to her?

And that’s when we are talking about teenagers.  When it comes to adults like Lance Armstrong or Ben Johnson, why do we care if they took performance enhancing drugs?

It’s against the law, you say.  But that just puts the question one step back?  Why do we have a law against doping?  If someone risks growing a third nipple or disfigured testicles to win Olympics glory, should the society care?


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