Planet of humans

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(Updated: 1353 BDT, Aug 24 2014).

Factors that have put the blog on a deep freeze are the same ones that keep me from going to the movies.  And in any case, who needs movies when you have Game of Thrones and Zia Haider Rahman?  Dawn of the Planet of the Apes?  A sequel to a prequel reboot — the second one in a decade or so — of a 1960s movie that spawned four (or five?) sequels in the 1970s, with a confusing title — rise before dawn, were the producers observing Ramadan — is it really worth making the effort for this, I asked myself.


I am glad I did make the effort.  The movie has received positive reviews, and is a box office smash.  And it has generated enough bubbles between my ears to force my fingers on the keyboard.  (Warning: this is not a movie review, and thus I am not confined by the ‘no spoiler’ norm — read at your own risk).


Long time ago, in a country far, far away

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Bollywood just doesn’t do epics well.  But then again, who needs Bollywood in the age of HBO.  Why not an epic TV series?

No, not the Great Epic —that was done a quarter century ago.  And it has been ripped off shamelessly, and unsuccessfully, by Bollywood already.  Instead of yet another attempt at that, let’s flesh out an old idea.

We want something with: a battle around a fortress; a royal scandal involving a famous diamond; complicated love stories; Sufis, nautch girls, elephants, snakes, jadu-tona, tantriks and tigers; and a whodunnit.

Let’s see if we can weave a story out of these.


On Raajneeti

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No, not politics.  I am sure you can get enough of that elsewhere.  This post is about Raajneeti, a big budget Bollywood film.  Check out the trailer.