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কাঁটা তারের বেড়া

Posted in Rights by jrahman on August 13, 2009

Once upon a time, it was Bangladesh that wanted to erect restrictions on travel to and from India.  In 1972, Bangladesh was adamant that the two country should have a visa system between them.  Back then, Bengali Muslim majority of the country feared that Hindus who migrated around partition would return en masse.  That wasn’t the only worry about India.  In the 1970s, most educated Bangladeshi feared an Indian takeover.

How things have changed.  In last year’s election, the centre-right BNP campaigned on ‘saving the country’ from, among other things, Indian takeover.  Election results clearly showed, in the words of my friend Zafar Sobhan of Forum, that dog didn’t bite.  Bangladeshis are no longer that paranoid about India.

Across the border, things are probably different.  I say probably because I am not familiar with the Indian zeitgeist, and could be misreading things. 

But I say different when I read this statistic: each year, nearly 100 Bangladeshi nationals are killed by the Indian Border Security Forces (they kill a similar number of their own people along the border.  I say different when I watch a news report like this.  I say different because I see no discussion of this in the mainstream Indian media.  I say different because I see fingers pointed at alleged Bangladeshi connection when there is a terrorist incidence in India.


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