When fact is fiction

Posted in fantasy, movies, music, thriller by jrahman on July 15, 2017

I live in a country that Lyndon Johnson once called the ‘ass end of the world’ — whichever direction you travel, there is no short flight from this southern land.  One good thing about the long haul flight, however, is the chance to watch stuff that you otherwise might not have, provided you’re flying a decent carrier, of course.  My usual guilty pleasures are sitcoms — I think I watched more HIMYM and Big Bang Theory episodes airborne than on my couch.

I made an exception recently.  The Emirates have a reasonable collection of Bangla (or given they are from the Indian Bengal, should I say Bengali?) movies.  I was curious, and wasn’t left disappointed.  It appears that a number of noir films have come out of Kolkata recently.  How exciting, right?


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The missing fifth book

Posted in books, culture, history, society by jrahman on October 2, 2011

The Browser claims to be creating ‘a 21st century library of Writing Worth Reading’.  One of their regular features is  the interview of a renowned authority who discusses his or her area of expertise and provides their choice of the best five books to read.

I would not presume to be a renowned authority on anything.  But a blogger can have his pretensions, particularly in his blog, right?  While posting my thoughts on Naeem’s essay, it occurred to me that suppose I was asked to list five books on Bangladesh.  What would I say?


A brief (alternate) history of India — finer things in life

Posted in fantasy by jrahman on February 21, 2011

Since last August, this series has explored an alternate universe where MK Gandhi’s swaraj movement devolved into chaos and violence in the 1920s, MA Jinnah negotiated freedom with the British and became the first president of the Commonwealth of India, and Jawaharlal Nehru became the country’s fourth president, promising a Noble Mansion of India where all her children could dwell in his first inauguration speech in 1949.

The focus of the series thus far has been on politics and economics.  With the subcontinent gripped by the World Cup fever, I thought this episode should cover some finer topics.


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