Gone Girl

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What are you thinking?  How are you feeling?  What have we done to each other?  What will we do?

The primal questions of any marriage — says, Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) as David Fincher’s 2014 adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl begins.  Wrestling with the unravelling of own marriage, the questions came as a jolt as I watched the scene in a lonely hotel room after a long day of work.

A decade of marriage, and you realise you don’t know who your partner is.  Worse.  You don’t know who you are anymore.

What have we done to each other?  Indeed!


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Posted in music by jrahman on September 27, 2012

I should be working on the book.  But instead I cooked duck bhuna, did the dishes, vacuumed, landried, called parents, gardened, took a long nap, smoked a few ciggies, and listened to the music.

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