The other Mujib speech

Posted in 1971, AL, history, people, politics by jrahman on March 8, 2012

Yesterday, Deshi cyberspace and TV were flooded with Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s famous 7 March speech. That speech is noted for its sheer defiance.  And parts of it still give me goosebumps.

However, that wasn’t the only speech Mujib gave in the lead up to the Liberation War.  Over the fold is his speech broadcast on PTV and Radio Pakistan before the December 1970 elections.  This speech is notable for a number of reasons.  It was delivered in English, and Mujib was addressing the West Pakistani ruling junta and the local and foreign establishment.  It was Mujib’s chance to tell the powers-that-be what a Mujibist government in Dhaka would mean.  This was the closest thing the outside world had to judge Mujib.