A time to write 2

Posted in activism, blogging by jrahman on October 16, 2019

It’s a time to write because, to put it bluntly, there is a moral imperative to write while we still can, before it’s too late.  But even if we accept that as a self-evident, axiomatic truth, questions still remain about what to write, for whom, and where?  There are, of course, many possible answers — let a hundred flowers bloom I say!


Politics in the Star Wars

Posted in action, Drama, governance, movies, politics, sci-fi, TV by jrahman on January 28, 2015

No, not the politics of the Star Wars saga — been there, done that in what seems to be a long time ago….. (oh, the Daily Star archives don’t work! — note to self: must do something about old articles.  No, not the politics of the star wars, but politics in the star wars, to be precise, in the upcoming trilogy.

A few weeks ago, there was a debate about whether the new movies should dabble in politics.  I think I should note my thoughts about this very important matter.


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The POTUS post

Posted in books, Drama, elections, movies, politics, thriller, TV, US by jrahman on November 8, 2012

So Barack Obama has been re-elected as the Emperor of the World President of the United States.  Cool.  I guess I should do a post, just to mark the occasion. 

The thing is, until very late in the game, I couldn’t get excited about this election.  You see, until the first debate, betting markets consistently had Obama as the odds on favourite.  And on most issues, I agree with the president’s politics.  So what was there to get excited about?  It’s not like any of this would ever happen. 

Then, for a while after the first debate, it looked like things could shake up a bit.  Except it didn’t.  By mid-October, the betting market had gone back to portraying Obama as the favourite.  And yesterday, the votes reflected the punters’ expectations.

But imagine if Obama had a better first debate?  Would that have led to a landslide?  Imagine if Michelle Obama had cut the president’s tie?


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